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Learning together and empathizing with blindness

Leslie Johnson & Erica Simone


22 de agosto de 2023, 18:08:44


Introducing Scratch Jr Tactile to 1st grade students (google slides):


On September 2022 a little 6-year-old and blind student arrives to our school.
With our 3D printers, we make +6 kits of Scratch Jr Tactile blocks, and with the 5th grade students we begin to teach and support 1st grade students.
This service-learning project was so engaging for all the students, and started to build relations and feel purposeful to teach and accompany the little ones, while learning together.
We made them close their eyes to empathize with Elizabeth, the blind kid, and it inspires all the older students to design and print more objects in 3D to help Elizabeth to learn more things (like Braille, language and more!).


GOAL 04: Quality Education, GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities, GOAL 09: Industry innovation and infrastructure


We are Leslie Johnson & Erica Simone, teachers at PS22 School in NYC.
We are inside CS4AllNYC group, and our educator team is amazing!


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