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Scratch Jr Tactile

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 Inclusive and tangible coding 

 An Open Source Project

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Break the screen and vision barrier

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Scratch Jr Tactile is an accessible, open-design educational resource that encourages the development of skills in computational thinking and transversal competencies, covering artistic, mathematical aspects and values of social equity. In addition, it provides students with visual impairments or other specific needs the opportunity to work on essential competencies for them.


More than a simple game or set of programming blocks, Scratch Jr Tactile is characterized by being tangible, inclusive and does not require screens. Inspired by Scratch Jr, it uses icons to facilitate the understanding of the programming language, thus eliminating communication barriers.


Come to the Scratch Jr Tactile manufacturing workshop!

Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to make this educational and inclusive tool!

This workshop is designed to help those who want to explore Scratch Jr Tactile and need assistance in making the kit. If you come you will learn:

  • How to use the Scratch Jr Tactile kit.

  • Get closer to 3D/2D design and digital manufacturing tools.

  • Build the different pieces that make up the Scratch Jr Tac tile kit (programming blocks, boards and characters)

The meeting will take place on:


15:30 to 18:30

Ateneu de Fabricació de les Corts

Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-Lloc, 192, C. d'Evarist Arnús, 59, 08014 Barcelona


From today, it is now possible to view, download and upload your own projects by Scratch Jr Tactile! 

Scratch Jr Tactile wouldn't be possible without a creative, caring, and collaborative community that imagines, creates, and shares.

You can find the community projects here!


We are working on the Scratch Jr Tactile pilot network. What a thrill! Special education schools, kindergarten, and primary education (K-6), in a network with makerspaces and people with a passion for technology and education collaborating together for socio-educational inclusion with Scratch Jr Tactile!

75 educational centers in Spain from the regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country will be members of this pilot program.

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