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Instructions Guide

What is Scratch Jr Tactile?

Scratch Jr tactile is a kit based on the designs and creative philosophy of ScratchJr, the version of Scratch for the little ones. Thanks to them, students will be able to play and learn, or learn by playing while developing in an inclusive way the skills that are very necessary for today's society, such as digital skills, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork (competences of the 21st century).

Who created Scratch Jr Tactile?

Scratch Jr tactile has been developed by Sistema THEAD, SCCL with the collaboration between Sistema THEAD and the Scratch Foundation, born from the MIT Media Lab, within the 2021-2023 Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC) program, with the support of Barcelona City Council and the collaboration of many people and organizations. We encourage you to learn more by visiting the official website

What can I do?

  • Create your projects and share them with the community!

  • Express yourself and learn with your hands

  • Learn to program collaboratively and without screens

What does this box include?

  • Touch programming blocks

  • Characters and supports to create new characters

  • Two boards or stages

  • Objects or obstacles

  • Blindfold

  • Varied tangible elements to make your projects tactile

  • Instructions and Braille summary of instructions. You can find more activities on the website.

    *Elements created with digital manufacturing maker technologies

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A collaborative project

Scratch Jr tactile is an Open Source project created to bring unplugged creative programming to all children.
Participate and collaborate with the online community at:

Browse the web 

Browse the web to discover activities, teaching units, guide blocks, downloadable designs and many more resources.

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